Pete Hay Environmental Politics Prize

Pete Hay Environmental Politics Prize is awarded annually to the best published paper by a current member of the Environmental Politics and Policy Standing Research Group.

The Pete Hay Environmental Politics Prize is named after Dr Pete Hay, a trailblazer in the research and scholarship of environmental politics and policy in Australia and the Founding Convenor of the Ecopolitics Association of Australasia.

Nomination Guidelines:  

  • The Prize is awarded to the best published paper in the preceding year by a current financial member of the Environmental Politics and Policy Standing Research Group.
  • The Prize is administered by the Environmental Politics and Policy Standing Research Group.
  • the Environmental Politics and Policy Standing Research Group reserves the right not to award the prize in any given year.

Award Details:

  • The winner of the prize will be announced during the Group’s annual meeting at the APSA conference.
  • As part of the prize, the EPP committee negotiates with the publisher for a period of open access for the winning journal article.

Past Winners:

2018 – Brisbane

Winner: Jonathan Pickering (University of Canberra), ‘Deliberative Ecologies: Engaging Complexity Theory to Understand How Deliberative Systems Emerge and Change’

Special Mention: Roger Davis (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Commonwealth Government, & University of Canberra), ‘Aboriginal Water Governance as a Deliberative System in the Murray Darling Basin’

Selection Panel: Rebecca Pearse (chair), Pedro Fidelman and Melissa Nursey-Bray

2016 – Sydney

Winner: Pedro Fidelman (University of the Sunshine Coast), Truong Van Tuyen (Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam), Kim Nong (Ministry of Environment, Cambodia), Melissa Nursey-Bray (University of Adelaide)

‘Institutional Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Resources Co-Management in Cambodia and Vietnam’

Selection Panel:  Michael Howes (chair), Kate Crowley, Brian Coffey

2015 – Canberra

Winner: Alex Lo (University of Hong Kong) and Michael Howes (Griffith University), ‘The storyline of power: Environmental discourse and the politics of carbon trading in China’

Selection Panel: Adam Simpson (chair), Robyn Eckersley, David Schlosberg

2014 – Sydney

Winner: Adam Simpson, University of South Australia, ‘Identity, ethnicity and natural resources in Myanmar’

Honourable Mention: Chris Riedy and Jennifer Kent ‘Australian climate action groups in the deliberative system’

Selection Panel: Matt McDonald (chair), Peter Christoff, Hayley Stevenson

2013 – Murdoch

Winner: Matt McDonald, University of Queensland, ‘Climate change and security: Towards an ecological security discourse’

Selection Panel: John Dryzek (chair), Verity Burgmann, Cassandra Star

2012 – Tasmania

Winner: Verity Burgmann, University of Melbourne, ‘Imagining the end of capitalism: ‘the practical-political value of utopian thinking’ for the climate movement’

Honourable Mention: Melanie Gale, University of South Australia, ‘The adaptive capacity of communities affected by policy-making: a case study of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan’

Selection Panel: Pete Hay (chair), Tim Doyle, Ros Taplin

2011 – ANU

Winner: Delphine Rabet, University of Sydney, ‘The interplay of foreign multinational corporations and the state in environmental governance’

Honourable Mention: Andy Scerri, RMIT, ‘Greening citizenship, after dualism’

Selection Panel: Pete Hay (chair), Susan Park