Pete Hay Environmental Politics Prize

This Prize is awarded annually to the best published paper in the preceding year by a current member of the Environmental Politics and Policy Standing Research Group.

The Pete Hay Environmental Politics Prize is named after Dr Pete Hay, a trailblazer in the research and scholarship of environmental politics and policy in Australia and the Founding Convenor of the Ecopolitics Association of Australasia. The prize is arranged and decided by the Environmental Politics and Policy Standing Research Group.

The winner of the prize will be announced during the annual meeting at the APSA conference. As part of the prize, the EPP committee negotiates with the publisher for a period of open access for the winning journal article.

Call for nominations 2020: TBA

Past Winners:

2018 – Brisbane

Winner: Jonathan Pickering (University of Canberra), ‘Deliberative Ecologies: Engaging Complexity Theory to Understand How Deliberative Systems Emerge and Change’

Special Mention: Roger Davis (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Commonwealth Government, & University of Canberra), ‘Aboriginal Water Governance as a Deliberative System in the Murray Darling Basin’

Selection Panel: Rebecca Pearse (chair), Pedro Fidelman and Melissa Nursey-Bray

2016 – Sydney

Winner: Pedro Fidelman (University of the Sunshine Coast), Truong Van Tuyen (Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam), Kim Nong (Ministry of Environment, Cambodia), Melissa Nursey-Bray (University of Adelaide)

‘Institutional Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Resources Co-Management in Cambodia and Vietnam’

Selection Panel:  Michael Howes (chair), Kate Crowley, Brian Coffey

2015 – Canberra

Winner: Alex Lo (University of Hong Kong) and Michael Howes (Griffith University), ‘The storyline of power: Environmental discourse and the politics of carbon trading in China’

Selection Panel: Adam Simpson (chair), Robyn Eckersley, David Schlosberg

2014 – Sydney

Winner: Adam Simpson, University of South Australia, ‘Identity, ethnicity and natural resources in Myanmar’

Honourable Mention: Chris Riedy and Jennifer Kent ‘Australian climate action groups in the deliberative system’

Selection Panel: Matt McDonald (chair), Peter Christoff, Hayley Stevenson

2013 – Murdoch

Winner: Matt McDonald, University of Queensland, ‘Climate change and security: Towards an ecological security discourse’

Selection Panel: John Dryzek (chair), Verity Burgmann, Cassandra Star

2012 – Tasmania

Winner: Verity Burgmann, University of Melbourne, ‘Imagining the end of capitalism: ‘the practical-political value of utopian thinking’ for the climate movement’

Honourable Mention: Melanie Gale, University of South Australia, ‘The adaptive capacity of communities affected by policy-making: a case study of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan’

Selection Panel: Pete Hay (chair), Tim Doyle, Ros Taplin

2011 – ANU

Winner: Delphine Rabet, University of Sydney, ‘The interplay of foreign multinational corporations and the state in environmental governance’

Honourable Mention: Andy Scerri, RMIT, ‘Greening citizenship, after dualism’

Selection Panel: Pete Hay (chair), Susan Park