The Journal - AusJPS

The Australian Journal of Political Science (AusJPS) is the refereed journal of the Australian Political Studies Association.

Founded in 1966, and known until 1990 as Politics, it is the premier political science journal in Australia. The AusJPS has a strong international reputation, indicated by its position in the citation indices, as one of the world’s leading political science journals.

Since 2005 the Australian Journal of Political Science has been published four times a year, in March, June, September and December. The publishers are Taylor & Francis and the submission and review of manuscripts is handled online via Scholar One. The current editorial team is led by Professor Anika Gauja of the University of Sydney, with the other editorial team members being Associate Professor Nicole Curato (University of Canberra), Dr Richard Frank (ANU) and Dr Rob Manwaring (Flinders University). (2021-2024)

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Former Journal Editors

1 (1)1966Interim Advisory Board
1 (2) to 4 (1)1966–69D. McCallum, P. D. Marchant
4 (2) to 6 (1)1969–71Henry Mayer, Owen Harries
6 (2) to 11 (1)1971–76Henry Mayer
11 (2) to 16 (2)1976–81Dean Jaensch
17 (1) to 22 (1)1982–87Patrick Weller
22 (2) to 25 (1)1987–90Marian Simms
25 (2) to 30 (3)1990–95Ian McAllister
31 (1) to 34 (3)1996–99John Dryzek, Brian Galligan, Philomena Murray
35 (1) to 40 (2)2000–05Andrew Parkin
40 (3) to 40 (4)2005Rachael Gibson, Ian McAllister
41 (1) to 45 (4)2006–10Ian McAllister
46 (1) to 51 (4)2011–16Geoffrey Stokes and Marian Simms with Deakin editorial team
52 (1) to 55 (4)2017-2020Renee Jeffery with Griffith University editorial team 
56 (1) to current 2021-2024Anika Gauja with Nicole Curato, Richard Frank and Rob Manwaring