Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded in recognition of the exceptional achievement and contributions to political studies and/or exceptional service to APSA. 

Call for Nominations 2021 (TBA)

  • Call for Nominations 
  • Closing Date for Nominations 
  • Commission of Winner’s Award  

APSA reserves the right not to make an award in any given year.

Nomination Guidelines

  • The Award is given in recognition of a lifetime’s achievement. Normally, the nominated individual would no longer be in full-time employment or actively serving on the APSA Executive. Continued active service to APSA will also be looked upon favorably.
    • The nominee must be a current financial member of APSA in the year of nomination.
    •  ‘Achievement’ admits of no fixed definition but, normally, the individual will have made a significant contribution to the development of political studies in Australia and command an international reputation. Thus, and as an example only, we would expect the successful nominee to have published at least two internationally significant books over the course of his or her career.
    • ‘Service’ admits of no fixed definition, but normally, the individual will have given significant and/or exceptional service to the Association, including the AJPS.
  • Nominations must include a CV and statement of the case for the nominated individual. Testimony from a variety of individuals is encouraged, but not required.

Judging Process

  • The decision will be made by a sub-committee chaired by the current President of APSA. Past winners will be encouraged to participate in the judging process for future awards.
  • Anybody who has been nominated for the prize or who has nominated someone else for the prize will not be eligible to participate in the judging panel. Members of judging panels should adhere to the Guidance on Identifying and Managing Conflicts of Interest.
  • The sub-committee may at its discretion seek advice on the standing, national and international, of any nominee.

Award Details

  • The winner will be invited to attend the Association’s annual conference dinner (funded by APSA) and receive a certificate and lifetime membership of APSA.
  • APSA will name only the winner, not the nominees.

Recipients of the APSA Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Professor Don Aitkin AO, FASSA
  • Professor Bruce Davis 
  • Professor David Goldsworthy 
  • Professor Murray Goot FASSA
  • Professor Leslie Holmes FASSA
  • Professor Colin Hughes, FASSA
  • Professor Dean Jaensch AO
  • Professor Carol Johnson FASSA
  • Professor Trevor Matthews 
  • Professor Henry Mayer AM, FASSA
  • Professor Ian McAllister, FASSA
  • Emeritus Professor Marian Sawer AO, FASSA
  • Professor Pat Weller AO, FASSA