2013 APSA Conference

2013 APSA Conference

When: 30 September and 2 October 2013

Where: Hosted by the Murdoch University, Perth

For further information visit the conference website

Conference Report

Peer Reviewed Papers

Akram, Sadiya & Marsh, David : The Structural Power of Business : A Response to Stephen Bell

Akram, Sadiya : Avalanche or Storm in a Tea Cup : The Case of 38 Degrees

Bah, Mamadou Diouma : Mining for Peace : Breaking the Natural Resource – Armed Conflict Links in Guinea

Bice, Sara : Resourcing the ‘Asian Century’ : Mining and Developing Asian Nations

Brenton, Scott : The Political Theory of Constitutional Conventions

Brookes, Stephanie & Nolan, David : Celebrity, Campaigns and Citizenship : ‘Competing Populisms’ in the 2012 United States Presidential Election

Busbridge, Rachel : Constructing National Community and Indigenous-Settler Reconciliation

Carr, Andrew : Gravitating Towards Co-Operation : Middle Powers and the Structure of the International System

Chamkhi, Tarek : Neo-Islamism Post Arab Spring

Collins, Lisette : Community Conceptions of Vulnerability – From Discourse to Policy

Cvetkovski, Trajce : Cross-Mining and Media Ownership, and the Public Interest : A Case of Mein Kraft?

Davis, Alexander & Brookes, Stephanie : News Media and Foreign Policy Narrative : Australian Identity and the Sale of Uranium to China and India

Davis, Alexander : India’s Ambivalent Anglosphere Identity and the Politics of International Uranium Sales

Doyle, John : Conceiving of Telecom and the Politics of Telecommunications, 1967-1972

Faulkner, Nicholas : National Pro-social Norms as a Motivator of Ethical Cosmopolitanism An Experimental Test

Fitz-Henry, Erin : ‘Extractive Nationalism’? : Energy Sovereignty in a Petrochemical Era

Gale, Fred : Private Governance Legitimacy : A Comparison of ‘Input’, ‘Output’ and ‘Hybrid’ Approaches

Hardy, John : Statements of Intent : the Politicisation of Australia’s Strategic Edge in the Era of Defence Self-Reliance

Heemsbergen, Luke & Lindgren, Simon : ‘Targeting Transparency’ : The Power of Precision Air Strikes and Social Media Feeds

Hill, Lisa : The Science of Welfare : Adam Smith’s Political Thought

Jackson, Stewart & Bhathal, Alex : Barriers to the Development of Green Parties in the Asia-Pacific

Kemp, Paul : Paul Kelly : An Analysis of his Political Thought and his Role as a Public Intellectual

Macarayan, Erlyn : The Southeast Asian Politics of Natural Resource Use : Impacts on Food and Health Inequalities

Macdonald, Terry : Republican Political Legitimacy in a Pluralist World Order : What Role for Constitutionalism?

Maddox, Graham : Democracy, Cosmopolitanism and Human Equality

Malet, David & Korbitz, Mark : Public Risk Communications in Disaster Recovery : Results from a Biological Recontamination Experiement

Malet, David : Old Norms and New Technologies : The Prospects for 21st Century Biowarfare

Mamouney, Louisa : Charting the Policy Agenda : Rational, Incremental and Punctuated Equalibrium Models and a New Long Focus Model of Policy Dynamics Explained Using a Salience-Wickedness Matrix

Manwaring, Rob : Reinventing Labor : the South Australian Rann Government (2002-2011)

Martin, Aaron, Dowding, Keith, Hindmoor, Andrew & Gibbons, Andrew : Is Policy Congruent with Public Opinion in Australia? : Evidence for the Australian Policy Agendas Project and Roy Morgan

McLean, Wayne : When Politically Expedient Ideas Go Bad : How the War on Drugs has Intervened in the US-Mexico Security Relationship

Mehmeti, Leandrit : Kosovo-Serbia : Normalisation of Relations or Just Diplomatic Theatre? An Analysis of the April 2013 EU Brokered Agreement Between Kosovo and Serbia

Mtegha, Hudson : Resource Management and Development : Opportunities Accorded by Regional Co-Operation – the Case of the Southern African Development Community

Nagel, Rebekah & Mehmeti, Leandrit : Achieving Success? The Role of the United Nations in Post-Conflict Management : Cases of Kosovo and Timor Leste

Nguyen, Tu Phuong : Business Associations and New Policy Dynammics in Supporting Private Sector Development in Vietnam

Nuzhat E Ibrat, Syeda : Gender Equality in Leadership : A Public Policy Failure?

Poole, Avery : A “Democratic” Process? Change and Continuity in Foreign Policymaking in Indonesia

Pruitt, Lesley : A Girl’s Place is on the Agenda : Incorporating Youth in Peace and Security Efforts

Rolls, John : Political Psychology of Climate Change

Sadleir, Christopher : National Public Policy and Bureaucratic Responses to Internationalising Pressures : the Case of Foreign Direct Investment and the FIRM Under the Rudd and Gillard Governments

Sanchez Urribarri, Raul A : The Politicization of the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal During the Bolivarian Revolution : An Empirical Analysis (2000-2009)

Simms, Robert : The Australian Greens and the Moral Middle Class

Stone, Bruce : Why Australia has no National Bill of Rights

Taflaga, Marija : We Need to Talk About Tony…Media Coverage of the Abbott Opposition 2009-2013

Tatam, Kim : Trading in Human Rights : Australia’s Policy Position Regarding Trade and Investment with China’s Forced Labour Prison Camp System, the Lanogai

Tate, John : Marilyn Manson, French Headscarves and American Flags

Taylor, Jeannette : Remuneration Policy in the Australian Public Service : Fairness and Trust

Tranter, Bruce : Quantitative Research in the Australian Journal of Political Science

Tsui, Chin Kuei : Framing the Treat of Rogue States : Iraq, Iran and President Clinton’s Dual-COntainment Approach to Middle East Peace

Vince, Joanna & Nursey-Bray, Melissa : Australia’s Ocean Commitments from Rio+20 : Moving Forward or Two Steps Back?

Zeb, Rizwan : India’s Security Challenges : The Pakistan Factor