2012 APSA Conference

2012 APSA Conference

When: 24th and 26th September 2012

Where: Hosted by The University of Tasmania, Hobart 

The conference website can be found here

Peer Reviewed Papers

Allan, Lyle : Voting Systems, Peak Body Proportional Representation Advocacy and Victorian Local Government

Bromfield, Nicholas : Welcome Home : Reconciliation, Vietnam Veterans, and the Reconstruction o f Anzac Under the Hawke Government

Brookes, Stephanie Younane : The ‘Rise of China’ in Australian and United States Newspaper Coverage of US President Barack Obama’s Australian Visit

Brostrom, Jannika : Re-Evaluating “Cooperative Security” and Good International Citizenship : The Case of Cambodia

Burgmann, Verity : Imagining the End of Capitalism : The Practical-Political Value of Utopian Thinking for the Climate Movement

Carroll, Peter : Australia and Intergovernmental Organisations from 1919 to the 1960s

Carson, Andrea : Watchdog Role of Newspapers The Watchdog Role of Newspapers : Analysing Print Walkley Winners 1956-2011

Chan, Hin Yeung : The Relationship Between Governance Crisis and Public Policy : Beyond the Policy Window

Chou, Mark : Sowing the Seeds of its Own Destruction : Democracy and Democide

Davis, Alexander : Fear, Security and the Other : Competing Conceptions of India in the Australian Colonial Imagination

Dedekorkut-Howes, Aysin and Sloan, Mellini : Disasater Resilience and Local Adaptation Capacity in Coastal Queensland

Drew, B. : Traditional Thai Culture Stigmatising and Silencing Discourse on Non-Marital Sexuality

Elbra, Ainsley : The Curse of International Extractice Firms : Resource Wealth and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Errington, Wayne : Surplus to Requirement : Budget Politics and teh Quality of Economic Debate in Australia

Gale, Melanie : The Adaptive Capacity of Communities Affected by Policy-Making : A Case Study of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Garnier, Adele and Cox, Lloyd : Twenty Years of Mandatory Detention : The Anatomy of a Failed Policy

Glasson, Ben : Aware But Unmoved : Symptoms of the Absent Centre of Climate Change Discourse

Gunstone, Andrew : Reconciliation and ‘The Great Australian Silence’

Habib, Benjamin : A “Strong and Prosperous” Country? Field report from North Korea

Harrison, Ryl : Women in Political Leadership : Coming So Far to Fail?

Hill, Lisa : Conceptions of Political Corruption In Ancient Athens and Rome

Howes, Michael; Grant, Deanna; Bosomworth, Karyn; Reis, Kim; Tangney, Peter; Heazle, Michael; McEvoy, Darryn and Burton, Paul : Rethinking Emergency Management and Climate Adaptation Policies

Hussein, Shakira : Gender Discrimination, Multiculturalism and Islam : Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Question of Women

Isakhan, Benjamin : Oil Unions and Democracy in Post-Saddam Iraq

Kefford, Glenn : Are Leaders Becoming More Powerful? Kevin Rudd and the Presidentialization Thesis Re-Examined

King, Marshall : The Troubles of Free Speech Theory

Klassen, Andrew : Electoral Management Autonomy : A Cross-National Analysis from Latin America

Little, Adrian and Macdonald, Kate : Pathways to Democratic International Institutions : Taking Plurality and Turbulence Seriously

McLean, Wayne : ‘Power and Ideas in Australian Foreign Policy’

Makinda, Samuel : Knowledge and Development in Africa

Martin, Aaron : Confidence in Political Parties in Australia : Evidence from the AES

Mintrom, Michael : Policy Entrepreneurs and Controversial Science : Governing Human Embryonic Stemm Cell Research

Narramore, Terry : Exercising Sovereignty China’s ‘Core Interests’ and Unfinished National Unification

Pandey, Chandra Lal : International Climate Change Negotiations and the Media

Pavkovic, Alexsandar : Seccession and Its Diverse Definitions

Reid, Sophie : Political Representation and Public Interest Advocacy

Roberts, Cain : Are Domestic Policy Actors A Popular Exhibit in the Foreign Policy Zoo?

Shannon, Elizabeth; Holden, Jane and Van Dam Pieter : Implementing National Health Reform – Is Organisational Culture the Key?

Simpson, Adam : Challenging Injustice Through a Critical Approach to Energy Security : A CEntral Component of Environment Security

Staples, Joan : Environmental Policy, Environmental NGOs and the Keating Government

Sussex, Matthew : Power Shifts ‘Rebalancing’ and Russian Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific

Taflaga, M : A More Aggressive Parliament? An Examination of Australian Parliamentary Behaviour 1996 to 2012

Webber, Courtney : “Moving Forward?” Changing Relationships Between Government and Non-Government Sectors in Tasmania