Political Theory Research Group

Political theory is one of the oldest sub-disciplines within politics and it remains a vibrant area of research in Australia.

Political theorists in APSA adopt a variety of different theoretical approaches to a wide range of historical and contemporary political issues. In recent years, theoretical debates over deliberative democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, free speech, distributive justice and climate change have attracted particular attention.

The principal aim of this Research Group is to promote the excellent work currently being done by Australian political theorists, and to facilitate high quality political theory research into the future. In order to achieve these ends, the group will host an annual political theory conference, organise political theory panels at the APSA conference, and run workshops to facilitate research collaboration. The group will also establish a website to better enable Australian political theorists to discuss scholarly issues and promote their work.

Any APSA member who works in political theory is eligible to join the group, and membership is free. To become a member, please email one of the conveners using the contact details below, and do check out our Facebook page


Convenors: Nicholas Barry & Miriam Bankovsky