Political Organisations and Participation

The study of political organisations and participation is prominent amongst APSA members, and has traditionally formed a core part of Australian political science scholarship.  

As a Standing Research Group, we seek to build on the strength of these two inter-related subfields and to foster new generations of scholars actively pursuing high-quality, original and topical research agendas.

Membership of the group is free and open to APSA members working in the fields of political organisations and participation, including political parties, interest groups, non-membership advocacy organisations, movements and social media, but it is not limited to these specific subfields.  To reflect the dynamic nature of organisations and participation as both arenas of political practice and scholarship, the group aspires to accommodate and encourage cutting-edge research that challenges the boundaries of these subfields, as well as diverse methodological approaches.

Our group pursues a diverse range of activities: from organising dedicated panels at the annual APSA conference, to hosting a blog page (POP Politics Australia), to organising workshops and public talks.


Anyone who would like to join or find out more about the group, please go to our Facebook page, tweet us, or email any of the Co-convenors, listed below.


Andrea Carson – A.Carson@latrobe.edu.au

Rob Manwaring – Rob.manwaring@flinders.edu.au

Erin O’Brien – erin.obrien@qut.edu.au

Jordan McSwiney – Jordan.mcswiney@canberra.edu.au

Emily Foley – Emily.foley@latrobe.edu.au