Cancellation and Updates - 2020 APSA Annual Conference

12 May, 2020

Decision to Cancel the 2020 APSA Annual Conference and Plans for an Online Postgraduate Members Event 

Dear APSA members,

After careful consideration, the Executive Committee of the Australian Political Studies Association has decided to cancel the 2020 APSA Annual Conference, which was planned for Macquarie University on 21-23 September.  We made this decision in close consultation with the APSA Conference Local Organising Committee at Macquarie University.  The reasons for this decision are the now familiar Covid-19 related factors that have led to the cancellation of other major social science and humanities conferences in Australia and internationally this year.

The APSA Executive Committee also decided that it was not viable to attempt simply to delay the Conference by a few months or to stage a full-scale online 2020 Conference.  Instead, at this stage, we plan to hold the next full APSA Annual in September 2021.

The APSA Executive Committee is aware that our postgraduate members may particularly miss the opportunities that would have been presented by the 2020 Conference.  We are therefore planning to support our postgraduate members by organising an official online APSA postgraduate conference.  APSA postgraduate members who submitted abstracts by the APSA Conference deadline and whose abstracts are accepted will have the opportunity to circulate and present their papers and have them discussed by their peers and more senior members of APSA in an online event.   More details about this event will be circulated shortly.

Finally, the APSA Executive Committee would like to thank publicly Sung-Young Kim and the rest of the APSA Conference Local Organising Committee from Politics and International Relations at Macquarie University for all their hard work in preparations for the 2020 Conference.  We very much hope to work with them on a future APSA Annual Conference.

Keep well and stay in touch.

All the best,


Professor Rodney Smith

President of the Australian Political Studies Association

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