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Area of Expertise:

Australian Politics

International and Comparative Politics


Research Interests

Specific Areas of Advice
Altaf Hussain Anwar

Pakistan Tehreek-e-ljtihad (PTI)
Political systemsQualitative analysis
Peter Balint  

University of NSW
Cultural and diversity, Political theoryTeaching, publishing
Sandra Leonie Field

Yale-NUS College
Political theoryOverall academic career advice
Kayoko Hashimoto  

University of Queensland
Language policyQualitative analysis
David Hundt  

Deakin University
Politics in Asia, political economyPublishing
Benjamin Isakhan  

Deakin University
Middle East politicsPublishing
Anthony J. Langlois  

Flinders University
Human rights theory and practice, specifically LGBTQ & South East AsiaGeneral teaching and publishing, shaping one’s career

(Currently on leave – will be available in 2021)
Ferran Martinez i Coma

Griffith University
political behaviour (i.e., voting)Overall academic career advice
Haig Patapan  

Griffith University
Democracy, political philosophy, constitutionalismPublishing
Sarah Phillips  

Sydney University
Middle East/African politics, international security, international developmentPublishing, fieldwork
Samid Suliman  

Griffith University
Migration, mobility, political theory, development, globalisation, governance, regionalism, climate change politics, international relationsTeaching and publishing
Robert Thomson

Monash University
Political systemsPublishing
Ben Wellings  

Monash University
Nationalism, Comparative politics, Political theoryTeaching, publishing, qualitative research, general career advice

International Relations


Research Interests

Specific Areas of Advice
Christine Agius

Swinburne University of Technology
Security, gender, border studies, technology and securityPublishing, teaching, building networks
Jan Vincent Galas

Chung-Ang University
Political behaviourQualitative analysis
Matt McDonald

University of Queensland
Environmental politicsPublishing
Umut Ozguc

Deakin University
Borders and critical approaches to securityPublishing
Chengxin Pan

Deakin University
International relations theory, China’s international relations, discourse analysisPublishing
Joanne Wallis

University of Adelaide
International relationsOverall academic career advice

Public Policy and Public Administration


Research Interests

Specific Areas of Advice
Anna Boucher

University of Sydney
Human rightsPublishing
Linda Botterill  

University of Canberra
Policy processes, value in policy and politicsPublishing
Paul Fawcett  

University of Melbourne
Public policyOverall academic career advice
Shaun Goldfinch  

Curtin University
Public administration, conflictA bit of everything!
Jenny Lewis  

University of Melbourne
Public policy and public administrationPublishing
Amanda Smullen

Public administrationOverall academic career advice
Helen Sullivan

ANU Crawford School of Public Policy
Public policy Overall academic career advice
Peter Tangney

Flinders University
Environmental politicsPublishing